About Us

Six Threads Clothing is re-inventing the 3 pack. We are the first Premium 3 pack of crew and V-neck shirts.

The first basic white or black shirt I bought as a kid came in a plastic bag with 3 shirts inside of it from brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Hanes. I remember each shirt just felt like sandpaper when I put in on, the fabric quality was very terrible.

The next wave of basic tee shirts were from companies like American Apparel and Alternative Apparel. These companies learned from their predecessor and used a light weight jersey which felt good on your body. The only thing which detoured me from wearing these brands was their fit of the tee shirt. They were too tight on my body and or the V-neck line went down to my stomach. 

So I came up with the idea of taking the best of both worlds and creating Six Threads. We have created a premium 3 pack of crew neck and v-neck tee shirts whose fit can be best described as “Normal”, not too slim and not too baggy just “Normal”. Each shirt is individually dyed with a special formula to make each shirt feel as if it were made out of silk. Due to our unique wash process, each shirt has a small variance in size which is normal when you hand dye cotton, this is nothing to be worried about, just a pre-caution.

We package the 3 shirts with the salvaged fabric we make out of our tee shirts and make bags out of them. We strongly decided NOT to use plastic bags from china due ill effects it has on our Earth.

Lastly, I didn’t want Six Threads to have an outrageous price tag on it. I priced it out 3 premium tee shirts for under $50.00
Enjoy the Tee Shirts
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